Yoga for kids Yama e Niyama

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Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of yoga with our book «Yoga for kids Yama e Niyama». This charming story introduces children to the ethical and spiritual values of yoga in a fun and accessible way. Join the forest animals as they learn important life lessons and discover the importance of harmony, empathy and connection with nature. With vibrant illustrations and a captivating narrative, this book will stimulate your children’s imagination and strengthen their emotional well-being. Don’t wait any longer and give them an enriching experience with «Yoga for kids Yama e Niyama»!

Discover the values of yoga with «Yoga for kids Yama e Niyama»!

Immerse yourself in this captivating story where a group of forest animals learns the ethical and spiritual principles of yoga, known as «Yamas and Niyamas». Under the guidance of the wise owl Homti, they will explore from non-violence to physical and mental purity, living in harmony with themselves and others. This tale is the perfect tool for parents and educators who wish to transmit the universal values of yoga to children in a fun and accessible way.

Written by Feliciano Ramírez, an experienced yoga teacher specialized in teaching children, this story is a treasure for any children’s library.

By acquiring this book, you will enjoy the following 7 benefits:

– Teaching ethical values: The animal tale educates children in fundamental values such as non-violence, truth, and gratitude.
– Connection with nature: Through the adventures of the animals, your children will learn to value and respect the natural world around them.
– Promotion of empathy: This tale promotes empathy by showing animal characters facing challenges and solving them compassionately.
– Stimulation of imagination: The vibrant illustrations and captivating narrative will awaken your children’s creativity and imagination.
– Improvement of concentration: Following the story, your children will develop attention and concentration skills.
– Promotion of emotional well-being: The tale addresses themes such as self-acceptance, contentment, and gratitude, fostering your children’s emotional well-being.
– Moments of connection and learning as a family: Reading this tale as a family creates special moments of closeness and shared learning, strengthening family bonds.

Acquire «Yoga for kids Yama e Niyama» today and provide your children with all these benefits in their lives!

4 valoraciones en Yoga for kids Yama e Niyama

  1. Charlotte Scott

    This children’s yoga story is a hidden gem. It teaches the little ones to take care of their bodies and find moments of calmness and serenity in their everyday lives. I recommend it to all families!

  2. Logan Green

    The children’s yoga book is an excellent way to introduce the little ones to the world of yoga and meditation. The stories are captivating and the exercises are fun and accessible.

  3. Evelyn Adams

    My kids have found in this yoga story a form of expression and relaxation. It has taught them to listen to their bodies and develop a greater self-awareness. It’s fantastic!

  4. Noah Baker

    This children’s yoga story has been a perfect gift. The kids have fun with the stories and at the same time learn important self-care and well-being lessons. It’s truly special.

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